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Schools and Universities

…because you and your school take the responsibility entrusted on to you seriously… you know that parents are trusting you not just with their children… but with their hopes and dreams for the future…

Student Threat Assessment

Over the last several years we have seen an increase in school violence. Once a student has been identified as exhibiting unusual or potentially dangerous/violent behavior it is incumbent upon the school to assess the seriousness of the behavior and the actual danger the student might impose. Our experts have performed student threat assessments throughout the country. They have taught seminars and workshops on student threat assessment and dangerousness nationwide to school systems, local, and federal law enforcement agencies.

School Staff Threat Assessment

Educational institutions like other businesses or corporations have employees that sometimes exhibit signs of unusual, threatening, or potentially dangerous behaviors. The largest difference is that with an educational institution people are entrusting the thing they love the most, their Children. Our experts in dangerousness and threat assessment have performed faculty threat assessments on all levels from principals to janitorial staff. We will provide you with an opinion as to the individual’s potential dangerousness and their ability to perform their job, and give recommendations as to how to proceed going forward.

Environmental Vulnerability Analysis

Educational institutions that are taking the issue of safety seriously know that one of the most fundamental services that should be performed is a vulnerability analysis to assess what areas of the physical structure and grounds pose the greatest potential risks to safety. Our elite former law enforcement experts examine all physical structures, grounds, common grounds, and surrounding neighborhoods in various conditions such as school hours, non-school hours, daytime, nighttime, etc. the analysis will include all potential vulnerabilities, their level of severity, and what strategies should be put in place to eliminate or drastically reduce the risk.

Policy and Procedures Developement

Our nationally recognized experts are sought out by educational institutions throughout the country to consult on policies and procedures related to school violence.

Disciplinary Threat Assessment

Often disciplinary action for students or faculty members can trigger a violent response. These evaluations are typically done on individuals in which there’s been some indication that they could potentially respond in a violent or threatening manner. Once the assessment is complete recommendations are provided that includes strategies for going forward with the disciplinary action in a way that will minimize any danger to the educational institution, students, and faculty.

Written Threat Analysis

Educational institutions are increasingly faced with written threats either made directly to them via paper or e-mail, or made indirectly, such as on a student’s blog, or social network account. Our experts in written statement analysis will help to narrow down the individual’s identity if the threat is anonymous, and give an opinion as to the veracity of the threat so that an appropriate course of action can be taken.

Bullying Assessment and Prevention

Recent research shows an increase in bullying throughout the United States and in many countries abroad including Italy, France, England, and Japan. Many states have put in place legislation holding educational institutions increasingly responsible for identifying and taking action against acts of bullying. With the proliferation of new and ever-changing communication technologies many educational institutions are finding it increasingly difficult to assess the veracity of bullying complaints, and to track and monitor bullying incidents. Our experts in school violence will assist the educational institution in identifying whether or not an act of violence was an isolated event or a pattern of bullying and help provide strategies going forward to eliminate any further bullying or violence.

Gang Assessment and Prevention

Thought to be primarily an urban problem, over the last several years gangs have begun to infiltrate rural and suburban schools as well. Unlike a bullying problem that a school might encounter, gangs can be organized and systemic which has the potential to grip the entire school in fear, as opposed to a more localized bullying problem perpetrated by a single bully or small group. This makes it particularly difficult for students, and even faculty to come forward for fear of reprisal. Our experts will analyze the severity of the gang problem then offer our opinion as to strategies going forward. In many cases the problem is minor or just starting. In this situation we offer strategies to help the school deal with the problem before it has an opportunity to take root. We then work with the school to help make them become less permeable to gangs in the future. In those situations where gangs have taken root, our experts work with the school, the community, the students, and often the gang members themselves to “bust” the gangs hold on the school, and then help the school develop Strategies to keep the gangs from coming back.