Anthony Burti

Anthony Burti is a 21 year veteran, retired detective of the New York City Police Department and an experienced corporate security professional with comprehensive and progressive experience in law enforcement, threat assessment and corporate security.

Investigated and resolved high profile, sensitive, personal stalking cases, and domestic violence issues resulting in positive resolutions for victims and their families.

Resolve a range of threats to individuals and corporations including email, telephone and in-person attempts, using proven methods of discovery.

Provide effective techniques and supervision in the compilation and assimilation of intelligence on threats, investigations and personnel backgrounds.

Establish and maintain security files on all threats, emergency contacts, residential surveys, photos, unusual correspondence or requests for assistance.

Counsel and provide risk assessment on security matters related to corporate security, travel, personal residences, related activities and individual security related problems.

Establish and maintain policies and training in the corporate sector for employees on workplace violence and general safety issues.

Effective and proven track record with victims of workplace violence and personal threats resulting in closure for victims and their families.

Professional affiliations include:

International Financial Crime Investigators   2009 - Present
Association of Threat Assessment Professionals   2003 - Present
Vice President, Northeast Chapter   2008 - Present
Treasurer, Northeast Chapter   2004 - 2008
American Society for Industrial Security   2003 - Present
New York City Retired Detectives Association   2003 - Present